How Does Profit Accumulator Matched Betting Service Work?

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A matched-betting system, Profit Accumulator was set up in 2014 by Sam Stoffel. The system uses videos with stepwise instructions to show bettors how they can transform free-bet offers into cash that can actually be withdrawn. Referred to as “Matched Betting”, this is a technique of beating bookies legally. The method has been featured in The Huffington Post, The Guardian, The Telegraph and many other esteemed publications across the globe. Find out how the system works and how you can use it.

Get a Free Trial

If you are new to this system, get a free trial and try it out first. The trial is amazing and can help you earn a good amount, although you have to do with just basic support and encounter some limitations like restricted access to the member area. The paid membership per month is inexpensive, and can help you earn a lot every month.

As a new member, the Free Trial will help you try the system and can be more than enough. Based on your own experiences, you can determine whether you should upgrade or not. When you start with a free trial, you can sign up easily and do not need any payment card.

Get the Basic Training

Once you sign up and log in, you will get the Basic Training video. This would help introduce you to matched betting in a form that can easily be understood. This is wonderful as it can help you to understand how everything works before moving ahead and starting your betting sessions. As any Profit Accumulator Review would tell you, the video explains the entire process very well and helps figure out how everything works.

Place the Bets

Once you have understood how it all works, you can place the bets immediately and begin to make some money. The entire process is stepwise and straightforward, and can easily be followed by anyone. You will only need to place bets with the betting exchanges and the bookmakers, as per video instructions. After completing the first offer, you have to click on “View Offer” and redeem the offer. You can then convert the free bet credit to cash that can be withdrawn.

Repeat the process

Once you have seen how simple the process is, you will only need to repeat it. The system will keep you updated with all the newest offers. You will just have to login, follow the stepwise video and keep earning cash.