Odds Matching Software of the Profit Accumulator – Is it One of the Best Matched Betting Systems?

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A new betting system launched in 2014, Profit Accumulator (PA) stands head and shoulders above its competitors due to the amazing Odds Matching Software that it offers to members. The software is constantly being updated and upgraded, and new tools are being integrated at all times to make the matched betting system as convenient as possible. Some members feel that this software is one of the best matched betting systems. Find out whether this is true.

Fast updates

The Odds Matching software is accurate and very fast, and updates itself on the fly. Thus, you do not need to refresh the page for the newest results. It can save your time and efforts to browse through the betting exchange and the website of every bookmaker in an attempt to locate the best odds matches for your needs. You can use the saved time to try out more offers and make more money. With PA continuing its investments in the software, it has become faster and more responsive. Thus, the odds are the same while you place bets at an exchange or a bookmaker.

Finding the best odds

It automatically finds the best value matched bets, pulling them from every bookie. There are odds from every betting exchange and you can find the closest odds. You will have reduced qualifying losses if the odds are more closely matched to your qualifying bets. This means you can get more profits over the long term. You can extract higher amount from the bonus if the odds match is closer for your free bet conversions. This again means higher profits in the long run.

Risk-free profit

Although various Profit Accumulator review and comments tend to downplay this software, it is highly advantageous as it minimizes and even eliminates risks, allowing you to make profits minus risks from financial spread betting accounts.

More fixtures

The software now comprises of more number of fixtures. Thus, you can search horse racing as well as football fixtures and even find close matches for baseball, tennis and rugby matches.

Additional benefits

The new version covers more markets and sports, and there are plans to introduce the chance to directly place bets with Betfair from the official website of PA. You can also get direct links to supported bookmakers and the exchange, which can save you plenty of effort and time.

Although the PA version of Oddsmatcher is yet to be as useful as OddsMonkey, Oddsmatcher stands up on its own with plenty of benefits. It is indeed one of the best matched betting systems.