All About the Profit Accumulator’s Offerings

Profit Accumulator is a renowned matched betting service founded in Nottingham and London. This service is all about matched betting. They offer support, deals and tools that can help you make a second income from the comforts of your home. Profit Accumulator comes with many interesting features. By default, you should become a member for its sign-up deals, reload coupons, exquisite betting calculator, training, dedicated customer support and profit making tools. These are features that delight the thriving PA community.

Becoming a Member?

Over the past few years, Profit Accumulator has grown in leaps and bounds. Few years ago, the platinum members had to pay 22.99 USD. Today, you should pay only 17.99 USD per month. The founder of Profit Accumulator believes that matched betting can help you make 2000 (at most) Pounds a month. Doesn’t this sound wonderful? In fact, many honest Profit Accumulator review pages claim that the product can help you earn up to 2000 Pounds in less than 30 days. You will fall in love with its training and active community. Indeed, Profit Accumulator has managed to establish an impressive online presence.

The Art of Making Money!

Profit Accumulator works in a strategic fashion. It revolves around bingo websites, casino websites and bookmarkers. PA takes money from these sources and guarantees a risk-free method of making profits. The moment you become a member and log in, you will be able to see a huge list of offers. All these offers will fetch you a considerable amount of money. In the initial days, members are categorized as “Ongoing”, “Beginners” or “Advanced”. You will be trained and never kept away of your “comfort” zone.

Using the Offers

Profit Accumulator comes with many intuitive offers. The offers have video tutorials and written instructions. These instructions will push you forward. For instance, you will have a list of football matches and horse races. You can bet on these matches. The calculator will help you decide on the bet. Always stick to the calculator’s suggestions. The calculator will help you eradicate risks. The calculator makes Profit Accumulator a free method for earning money.

Testing Waters!

The instructions don’t come with tips on gambling. And, Sam has structured the entire business carefully. Here are few facts about this legitimate service:

  • Sam has created many tutorials and videos to help you understand the purpose of PA.
  • You have a free trial to test its offerings.
  • You have a 30-day money back offer too!

Is Profit Accumulator a Scam?

Profit Accumulator is the brainchild of Sam Stoffel. It was founded in 2014 and has more than 20000 active members. As suggested by its name, the product is all about making profits. It depends on promotions and free bets. A lot of people join this venture with huge hopes and dreams of becoming a millionaire. These members have stirred everyone’s curiosity about the product. In less than 3 months, the number of platinum members increased from 1500 to 20,000. And, Profit Accumulator has lived and exceeded all these expectations.

Proofs to Keep You Happy!

According to many Profit Accumulator reviews, members can make between 500 and 1500 USD a month. Many Facebook users have advertised their experiences with this product. All these reviews are genuine and reliable. The moment you hear “Profit Accumulator”, you are bound to wonder if it is a scam. Well, there is nothing negative or illegitimate about their product. The CEO allows members to come in touch with him! In fact, the product’s official website has his office address and contact number. If you are confused about the product and its authenticity, give Sam a call. He will “tell” you why Profit Accumulator is not a scam in any way. Here are three simple ways to prove that Profit Accumulator is not scam:

  • Scam products will not let you contact its founder!
  • Scam products will not let you register for free!
  • Scam products will advise you to make an initial payment!

Profit Accumulator allows users to register for free, try its options and even make money on the go.

How does PA work?

The talk about Profit Accumulator will remain incomplete without its services. As mentioned previously, this product allows members to engage in matched bets. These bets are made the easy way. You can start betting even without becoming a member. But, Profile Accumulator members are likely to make bigger and better profits. Staff at PA evaluate bookmaker promotions on a daily basis. They go through all terms and conditions. They decide if the offers are a waste of time or worth it! Then, Profit Accumulator converts these promotions in tangible cash. There are plenty of tutorials to help you with this conversion.

Sam’s idea behind PA is very simple. You begin with a free account, go through videos and start making matched bets. In less than two promotions, you will earn around 40 USD.

Profit Accumulator – How Does it Stand Apart From its Competitors?

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The Profit Accumulator (PA) was set up by matched betting veteran and entrepreneur Sam Stoffel in 2014. In the last few years, it has witnessed a rapid growth and now serves thousands of experienced matched betters as well as newcomers. With a very friendly service, a lively community and plenty of features, this platform offers a matched betting experience unlike any other website. Find out how PA stands apart from its competitors and what makes it so popular among bettors.

Easy Member Area

Unlike most other similar services, PA has a very easy member section. There is a step-by-step list in the area, with every list item comprising of either an offer or a training article. There are detailed instructions in the offers, as well as a video tutorial the exact website that you must visit and how to make money from the same. Through audio & video tutorials and easy-to-understand written directions, you can get information on how complete the offers, place a bet, use the calculator and more.

Profit Tracking

The Profit Tracking software can be extremely useful for anyone who does not like to track data in MS Excel spreadsheets. Whereas others simply offer downloadable spreadsheets, PA has a useful software app built into its official website that allows tracking of overall profits. You can track profit in the top dashboard menu, which can make the process much easier for you. The software is very easy to use and intuitive.

Very active forum

The forum associated with PA consists of 30,000 members, most of who are very active and participate daily to discuss new offers that have just been made available, the common issues with PA faced by bettors, new odds and exchanges, refund offers and more. New members can easily interact with these members and get support and answers about offers and betting. The forum, as any profit accumulator review mentions these days, is one of the biggest incentives for matched bettors to sign up with PA. It is unlike any other betting website that you have possibly come across.

30-day money back guarantee

A 30-day money back guarantee offer is another thing that sets PA apart from its competitors. Even you pay for a premium membership and find out later that matched betting is not suitable for you, you may opt out any time. You can get the full money refunded to your bank account, no questions asked, and take full advantage of the offer.

Why Should You Use the Profit Accumulator Matched Betting Service?

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The Profit Accumulator (PA) matched betting service, which is subscription-based, is the top service of its kind in its country. The platform is used by thousands of members across the globe, and allows a fast, easy and usually risk-free matched betting experience. Find out 5 interesting reasons why you should use the PA service, and how it stands apart from other similar services.

Multiple offers

PA has plenty of betting offers for its members, including Sportsbook Signup Offers, Advanced Offers, Reload Offers, Casino Offers and Bingo Offers. These ensure big money and a more or less risk-free betting experience. The offers are suited to bettors with varying degree of experience, and are matched by useful software apps such as Oddsmatching software, ACCA catcher, match catcher and Accumulator Software.


Once you sign up, you can get many training videos that can easily explain the entire matched betting process as well as how to place various types of bets. You can get direct links to various exchange and bookmaker websites, and details of the bets being placed by other members. Thus, you can understand where exactly you should place the first few bets and how to make money with no risks. If you want, you can also get the training instructions in a written form. The directions can be easily followed. If you precisely follow the directions, there will be no risks of making mistakes. This has been appreciated in profit accumulator review by top industry watchers.

Member / Customer Support

The PA website consists of a dedicated help section. You can contact the team throughout the week, at any time, by email or phone and seek assistance and advice in case you encounter any issues. The customer support team is quick in its responses, and answers queries quite fast even when they are not urgent.

Free Trial

PA has a free trial offer, which helps you check whether or not matched betting suits you. You can play it without signing up, and find out how it all works. Keep in mind that although you have to deal with restricted member access and basic support, you can actually earn a handsome amount. If you like what you see, after the free trial period is over you can try PA with a three days’ membership that costs a mere £1. This will help you get complete access to the forum, training modules and tools.

What are the Top 5 Features of Profit Accumulator?

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A matched betting subscription service, Profit Accumulator (PA) offers a unique betting experience for an annual or a monthly fee. You can get plenty of support, training and tools that you need for matched betting. You can get stepwise guidance and a lot of confidence in finding and placing bets. Known about the top 5 features of this system, and how these can help you.

Acca Catcher

It searches through thousands of varied bet combinations that show the total amount of money that you can possibly make from various accumulator bets. The Acca Catcher calculates the amount that you have to bet and updates the calculation at every stage of betting on PA. It also sounds alerts to assist you in keeping track at every stage.

Match Catcher

It lets you look for matching bets for refund offers from horse racing. You can expect faster updates to the filters and odds, which can let you search particular races with greater convenience. As any profit accumulator review informs, every member can find new software that can help benefit from horse racing refunds and accumulator offers.

Advanced calculators

With more experience, you can find advanced calculators to assist you with techniques that call for greater expertise. This involves a Fixabet calculator that can let you find where you made errors while laying bets or placing back. You can find a Dutching calculator, which lets you place bets with bookmakers on varied outcomes instead of making use of a betting exchange. There is also a new Each-way calculator to place bets each-way on horse racing.

Loyalty Scheme

The loyalty scheme from PA is a reward for players and involves fee reduction. After continuous membership of 12 months, the monthly membership fee can be reduced. If you renew your annual membership, you can reduce your fees after a year. This can be very useful and you can benefit from the renewal of your annual membership.

Refer a Friend Scheme

The scheme has been introduced recently. When you join PA, you will be allocated a unique code – just like any other member. Passing on this code to a friend or family member will help you get some money when that individual signs up as well. You can get a lump sum bonus when you manage to make 5 people sign up with the code allocated to you. For every 5 individuals you refer, you can keep on getting this bonus amount.

What are the Various Profit Accumulator Offers for Members?

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With more than 30,000 members, Profit Accumulator (PA) is the top matched betting system in the UK. It offers an unparalleled ambience, with cool bells and whistles, software applications and a generally risk-free betting experience. Find out about the various offers presented by PA to its members, including Sportsbook Signup Offers, Advanced Offers, Reload Offers and Casino Offers and Bingo Offers.

Sportsbook Signup Offers

You can begin your matched betting journey with these offers. The Sportsbook Signup Offers come with extremely direct bookmaker promotions that can easily be completed, even by new entrants in matched betting. Your first week of training with the PA platform begins with these offers.

A basic introduction to matched betting will begin your training. Signup offers for Betfred and Coral will follow the introduction. You can find plenty of videos and active members to help you in using these offers.

You can mark every section as complete and rate each offer. This makes the entire training process extremely organized. All that you have to do is log in every day and cross out the offers, one step at a time. PA presents all the offers in a clean and organized manner. As you complete each offer, you can mark it off to stay focused and not end up trying the same ones out of confusion.

Advanced Offers

This section has a similar system, and you have to work through every section one at a time. PA covers match betting offers of a more complex nature. You will need around 1 month to complete the beginner and advanced offers. However, with the completion of tutorials, you can cover most of the offers from PA.

Reload Offers

You will spend most of your betting hours in this section, and make regular money from here. Existing customers are generally kept attracted to PA by the regular offers from bookmakers. You have to use the techniques that you learned beforehand to make cashes from these offers without any risk. The Reload Section, as you can understand from any Profit Accumulator review, is for the regular bookmaker promotions.

Casino / Bingo Offers

These are fairly regular and can be according to your expectations. You can find a wide mix of different types of bingo and casino offers as well as games to make money from. Although you cannot get guaranteed profit from every promotion, it will be fun to try them out. Bettors often manage big wins with these.

How Do Profit Accumulator Software Apps Improve your Betting Experience?

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Profit Accumulator is a thriving matched betting system that serves thousands of bettors online, allowing them to make decent income every month. It has a very active community consisting of matched bettors, and offers support, stepwise training guides and video links. It provides bettors with the benefit of various matched betting software and tools, which can save you plenty of time and offer various bells and whistles that can significantly improve your betting experience.

Match Catcher

The Match Catcher software is unparalleled and unique to the PA platform. It can update very fast, which makes it ideal for use with refunds from horse racing. Most of the other software platforms for odds comparison need 3 – 10 minutes or more to update, which makes them almost useless if you want to earn from horse racing offers. However, Match Catcher updates in less than half a minute, which makes it more practical for refunds from horse racing.

You can even set alerts in the software to notify with audio alerts when it finds a close match that satisfies your criteria. The alerts can inform you when the stake you lay is there in the Match Catcher results. A separate calculator is not needed.

Odds Matching Software

The Odds Matching software, as any Profit Accumulator review would inform you, is in its latest version – as newly built by PA. It is accurate and prompt, and updates itself quickly. You do not have to refresh the page again and again to obtain the newest results. It can find you the newest odds and also provide you with direct links to match betting markets. You can get more markets and sports, and even directly place bets from the PA website with Betfair.

Accumulator Software

It was revolutionary when it first came out. The Accumulator software of PA compares many thousands of accumulator bets that are filtered beforehand to be eligible for lucrative accumulator refund offers. The software, unlike other applications, only shows the accumulators that can qualify for refunds – and are of value as a consequence. It can literally build you thousands of accumulators.

The software can help you make substantial profits. These look great, are intuitive to use, work well and give you solid profits. You can make up to 1,000 pounds every month with the Accumulator Software. You may save the placed ACCAs, and the betting action will be maintained throughout by the Accumulator Software.

What are the Benefits of the Profit Accumulator Forum?

Keywords: profit accumulator, profit accumulator review

The Profit Accumulator (PA) matched betting system has been around for some time, and providing people with the chance to earn optimally from bookmaker bonuses. As one of the top matched betting service providers, it has a matched betting forum that is very popular among its members – more than 30,000 in number. The forum is undoubtedly the most valuable part of PA, and it is powered by a growing community consisting of matched bettors who use their skills and knowledge to earn from the PA platform. Find out about some of the main benefits of using the PA forum.

Knowledgeable community members

With PA being the largest matched betting service in the UK, the community members in the PA forum are highly knowledgeable and active. The forum has useful tricks and tips that can assist you with matched betting. Moderators and members post offers that they come across, and discuss every associated detail. Members are eager to inspire others by showing their achievements and earnings. If you need inspiration, this can be a great source.

Ability to ask varied questions

You can also ask varied queries in the forum, and get solutions for them. PA has a dedicated team comprising of administrators and moderators who offer accurate and prompt answers to all the queries. You can get support on every issue. The forum has a wide range of topics that you can select from, and ask about. If you have any query, the answer is likely to be already there on the PA forum. It consists of many questions and answers that can assist new as well as existing members.

Highly organized forum

This forum is well-organized, and each offer has varied threads. You can easily browse various subjects in the PA forum. As Profit Accumulator review mentions, there is rarely any need to post any questions in the forum, with almost all the information being already there.

Fast access to offers

With the forum being used by so many members, you will be able to access every offer quickly – as soon as it is made available. It is important and highly useful, given that some offers such as price boosts are available for only a short time. There are particular threads that show how you can make £1000 at least per month or an additional £300 every month. If you are really serious about making money from the PA system, the community forum can be a useful help resource for you.

Odds Matching Software of the Profit Accumulator – Is it One of the Best Matched Betting Systems?

Keywords: profit accumulator, profit accumulator review

A new betting system launched in 2014, Profit Accumulator (PA) stands head and shoulders above its competitors due to the amazing Odds Matching Software that it offers to members. The software is constantly being updated and upgraded, and new tools are being integrated at all times to make the matched betting system as convenient as possible. Some members feel that this software is one of the best matched betting systems. Find out whether this is true.

Fast updates

The Odds Matching software is accurate and very fast, and updates itself on the fly. Thus, you do not need to refresh the page for the newest results. It can save your time and efforts to browse through the betting exchange and the website of every bookmaker in an attempt to locate the best odds matches for your needs. You can use the saved time to try out more offers and make more money. With PA continuing its investments in the software, it has become faster and more responsive. Thus, the odds are the same while you place bets at an exchange or a bookmaker.

Finding the best odds

It automatically finds the best value matched bets, pulling them from every bookie. There are odds from every betting exchange and you can find the closest odds. You will have reduced qualifying losses if the odds are more closely matched to your qualifying bets. This means you can get more profits over the long term. You can extract higher amount from the bonus if the odds match is closer for your free bet conversions. This again means higher profits in the long run.

Risk-free profit

Although various Profit Accumulator review and comments tend to downplay this software, it is highly advantageous as it minimizes and even eliminates risks, allowing you to make profits minus risks from financial spread betting accounts.

More fixtures

The software now comprises of more number of fixtures. Thus, you can search horse racing as well as football fixtures and even find close matches for baseball, tennis and rugby matches.

Additional benefits

The new version covers more markets and sports, and there are plans to introduce the chance to directly place bets with Betfair from the official website of PA. You can also get direct links to supported bookmakers and the exchange, which can save you plenty of effort and time.

Although the PA version of Oddsmatcher is yet to be as useful as OddsMonkey, Oddsmatcher stands up on its own with plenty of benefits. It is indeed one of the best matched betting systems.

What Does the Profit Accumulator System Offer?

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A matched betting service, Profit Accumulator is based on subscription. The system offers stepwise training videos that can assist in matched betting, a very active forum with extremely helpful members, a wonderful support team and various tools that can make it easier to do Matched betting. Find out what this system has on offer for you.


The system offers you an entire training archive consisting of information and videos. The archives can teach you the matched betting concept, and how to conduct it exactly. The training videos are extremely precise and clear, and can help you to eliminate all risks of errors.

Sign Up Offers

This service also has a section for sign up offers. This section comprises of more than 50 sign up offers, with directions clearly written and telling you how to pass every step. As any profit accumulator review would inform you, the entire process is made very easy, and you can earn a lot with these sign up offers.

Reload Offers

The promotions and offers that are given to customers by bookmakers are called “Reload Offers”. Once the sign up bonuses are completed, you can go on making money. There are plenty of promotions in the reload offers section and you can go on with matched betting. Many people who take up the sign up offers usually stop matched betting without realizing how much they can make from the reload offers.

​The reload section is daily updated and you can also find a tab that can let you see the various promotions you can avail over the next few days, which can be very useful for you.

Bingo and Casino Sign Up Offers

There is a casino and bingo section as well in the offers section. You are advised to avail the offers once you complete the sign up bonus offers in the sports section. These are considered to be as low risk offers, as you have to risk only a small amount of money to win big. However, it is not too important to take up these offers. Over the long term, the casino and bingo offers can be very lucrative.

Good support

You can get phone support as well as email support. The membership forum consists of more than 10,000 members who are always active and posting useful information or directly helping out each other. The threads are daily updated and can be a helpful resource if you need assistance with offers.