Profit Accumulator – How Does it Stand Apart From its Competitors?

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The Profit Accumulator (PA) was set up by matched betting veteran and entrepreneur Sam Stoffel in 2014. In the last few years, it has witnessed a rapid growth and now serves thousands of experienced matched betters as well as newcomers. With a very friendly service, a lively community and plenty of features, this platform offers a matched betting experience unlike any other website. Find out how PA stands apart from its competitors and what makes it so popular among bettors.

Easy Member Area

Unlike most other similar services, PA has a very easy member section. There is a step-by-step list in the area, with every list item comprising of either an offer or a training article. There are detailed instructions in the offers, as well as a video tutorial the exact website that you must visit and how to make money from the same. Through audio & video tutorials and easy-to-understand written directions, you can get information on how complete the offers, place a bet, use the calculator and more.

Profit Tracking

The Profit Tracking software can be extremely useful for anyone who does not like to track data in MS Excel spreadsheets. Whereas others simply offer downloadable spreadsheets, PA has a useful software app built into its official website that allows tracking of overall profits. You can track profit in the top dashboard menu, which can make the process much easier for you. The software is very easy to use and intuitive.

Very active forum

The forum associated with PA consists of 30,000 members, most of who are very active and participate daily to discuss new offers that have just been made available, the common issues with PA faced by bettors, new odds and exchanges, refund offers and more. New members can easily interact with these members and get support and answers about offers and betting. The forum, as any profit accumulator review mentions these days, is one of the biggest incentives for matched bettors to sign up with PA. It is unlike any other betting website that you have possibly come across.

30-day money back guarantee

A 30-day money back guarantee offer is another thing that sets PA apart from its competitors. Even you pay for a premium membership and find out later that matched betting is not suitable for you, you may opt out any time. You can get the full money refunded to your bank account, no questions asked, and take full advantage of the offer.