Profit Accumulator: Review


23-year old college student, Sam Stoffel created a matched betting system named Profit Accumulator. The matched betting system was inspired by his ability to fund his university education through betting.

How does it work?

Sam always find a bookmaker bonus offer and let his network know about it. The offer could be as much as £50 in fresh cash after making a bet with the bookmaker.

You will sign up for the bookmaker and place a bet. Upon completion of the bet, you will earn the bonus offer in cash.

You will break even on your first bet no matter the outcome of the result. This presents you with profit no matter what. Profit accumulator according to Sam is known as a risk-free way to make money. When the steps involved are implemented appropriately, then the assertion by Sam is 100% certain.

How to become a member?

There are two membership levels in Profit Accumulator; Free and Platinum with different price breakdown.

The Free Trial

With free trial, you don’t pay a dime and you get to receive two bookmaker bonuses and could earn as much as £45


With this, a member pays £17.99 on a monthly basis. This provides the subscriber with over 100 bookmaker bonuses with new reload offers every day. With this, you can earn as much as £2000 on a monthly basis. The annual payment is equal to £215.88.


Refund Policy in Profit Accumulator

Sam confirmed that Profit Accumulator has surprisingly generous refund policy by saying “If you decide at any point in time during the first 30 days that matched betting is not for you and you haven’t made a profit, I will give you your money back without any objections”. This guarantees a win-win game for you as you can choose to opt out if you feel that the system isn’t for you. He continued that “If you actively attempt the offers we suggested and follow our advice for a full 60 days and don’t manage to make a profit, I will give you £100 cash. That’s just my way of saying “thank you” for trying out”. This statement further confirmed and assured potential members and active members that a return is certain.


Profit Accumulator was recommended by Sam as an alternative way to make money online. He believes that most of his customers are students, single moms, full-time workers, busy professionals and graduates as he has counted over 5000 members.

It is necessary to understand that Profit Accumulator service is restricted to residents of United Kingdom because the matched betting offers are limited to UK-based bookmakers.

Lastly, there is a rumour circulating in the UK that the price for Profit Accumulator will increase to £22.99 on a monthly basis from the usual £17.99. Amidst of the rumour, Profit Accumulator is still a very safe way to make money online through a bookmaker.